Mission Statement & Philosophy

My philosophy on running is that it is very simple. Running has always been simple, but people try to make it harder than it is. I always tell people I learned a lot from some great coaches, and every one of them had a different approach. The thing that always stuck with me is how they made you believe in their program. So after carefully looking at running through competitive eyes, I realized that I did not need to make it more difficult than it is.

I see running as a simple adventure that is different every day, but how much challenge you apply to it, is up to you. Running is always a challenge for almost everyone. It’s easy to sit there and say it not hard if you are always winning, or are light weight gliding through a run, or spend little energy out there. But how do you tell the one that struggles to move forward, it’s easy? You can’t, you have to make it simple!!!

So I look at it and say two things to every person that starts to run with me or even ask me what they should do.

First I tell them to set some sort of a goal; I don’t care how easy it is! If youreach goals that you feel confident with, you will try more and at the same time feel good doing it. This could even mean going out to walk run for 10 min. today. Most people set up goals that are way too high, and then they don’t hit them, and get discouraged. Challenge yourself more each time you hit some sort of success. Next I tell them keep it simple and “have fun”. This means that it’s a part of your life, but it’s not your JOB!!! If you did not run as fast as you wanted, who would know? If you did not run today, would you still have to work tomorrow, pay for your food, rent, and whatever else you wanted? So keep it simple, and keep it fun. Remember running is for you about you, and it’s something you can do anywhere No one can tell you how fast or how hard you can do it. You set the bar and the challenges that come with it.



“Tough workout today, but I’m happy with it. Thank you for helping me take a step back from the full marathon distance. I’ve been enjoying running and having so much more fun with it (racing and training)! 5 marathons in five years just wore me out and the bad races completely destroyed my racing confidence!! I was looking in my running log and my “easy” run pace has dropped almost a full minute per mile over the past year. Not to mention, my easy distance has increased to 7-8 milers instead of 4-5 milers. The same thing goes for my tempos – they’re a good 45 seconds faster. Oh, and my long runs …. a good 1:00-1:20 faster per mile! That’s crazy! So, I’m very happy with where I am now and am really hoping to just keep building a good (fast-er) base over the next couple of months! Just wanted to say thank you for believing in me and helping me get to that next level. I’m excited to keep training and get even faster – I’m addicted now! :)”
– Jaime Winchester

“Thank you so much. honestly, the progress I’ve made is a direct result of working with you. when you first told me ( in what seems like such a long time ago) that you could get me to a qualifying time for Boston all i could think was that seemed like such a stretch- I mean 48 min??? I thought that was impossible. But after yesterday I can see it’s true. I still have a few min to knock off, but it’s within my reach. As you’ve helped me chip away at my pace, I’ve seen PR after PR. as I was getting ready for Gasparilla and I reminded you that my first marathon time was a 4:33 to which you replied “you are so much of a better athlete than that” Those are some pretty strong words and they mean a lot to me. Getting so close to a Boston qualifying time shows me that “I’m not just an athlete, but I’m a good one.” Hitting this milestone was HUGE for me. I got there with your help. I can’t wait to tell you when I DO qualify!! I truly thank you!”

– Tammie Wonning

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for being out there for me the last couple miles. I was about to die there. Overall I felt really good, except for the last 4 miles 😉 I was really feeling it them. Thanks I could not have done it without your guidance and support.”
– Miriala Mondeja

“Thank you so much for your advice about doing 7/1. Even though I started doing that right after Grace’s and Noah’s birthday (just 2 weeks prior to Gasparilla) I did great!! I ran 7 miles in 1:21. I usually run 7 miles in 1:35 (yes, I’m a turtle!!). I’m not sure if I would have been able to do that well if I had to run the 1/2 marathon. but since I only had to run 7 miles, I gave it all I had. Thank you so much for all the advices I always get from you. Someday I will get as fast as you guys. when I do I will thank you at the podium and in front of the TV cameras 🙂 (hahaha!). Thanks again”
– Lourdes

Thank you so much for all your help with my training. I had a great race on Saturday, and a new time. I ran super well on Sunday as well. According to my watch, I ran 8 miles in 1:10:45. Our team 3+1 (Darlene, Lourdes and Jason) did super well, too. We had a lot of fun doing the relay. Too bad they won’t have it next year.
Marai Vales

“Finish time was 4:02:10. PR by just over 21 min! I really appreciated you biking alongside me and all your words of encouragement at the end. I stuck with the 4 hr pacer until mile 20, and started to have some asthma problems. I stopped to use my puffer, but just couldn’t catch back up, especially once I hit Bayshore and the wind. So I switched to plan B, which was to keep up a decent stride & get to the end.  Thank you again”
– Christy Nelson

“Hey coach!
Got your message, I didn’t want to interupt your Sunday, but I wanted to say Thanks so much for the support and the sunglasses! I’m happy with my time and I felt pretty strong. I’m really excited about my improvements.
Thanks again!”
– Aimee Roa

“Hey Dror:
I really appreciate your help out there pulling me along. For me, obviously not the best day, but I am happy I finished with all I had (3:13:40). I know what I need to improve upon when I go down this path again. My leg and ab strength was not there and I certainly should have hit the weights harder!
Again, thanks for everything and all your help and support. See you in two weeks.”
– David Osterweil

“Ok, another PR for me! 26:45 in the 5k”
– Stephanie Depue

“Hey Dror! I started back running today for six miles. I was a little tired at the start but worked out good. Thanks again for all your help. I couldn’t have run a 4:46 marathon without you!”
– Karen Branch




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